Oak Cliff Apartment Building Without Air Conditioning

Building has been without air conditioning in more than week

Tenants in an Oak Cliff high-rise who have been living without air conditioning may not get any relief until next week.

The Indigo has been without air conditioning for more than a week.

"We took all our stuff from the bedroom, put it in one room, shut the bathroom, everything else, to try and get the little sad window unit that would fit to cool the area and now we've had to move
the bed next to it just to get any relief," Ben Hairgrove said.

The outage comes in the midst of triple-digit heat. Thursday's high topped out at 107 degrees for the second time so far this year.

Thursday was the area's 18th triple-digit day of 2012 -- and North Texas usually averages 18 triple-digit days in an entire year.

Letters to tenants from The Indigo's management acknowledge the problem but not much else.

"There will be no AC anywhere in the building on Thursday, and you will not have AC before Monday, so please plan accordingly," one letter reads.

Hairgrove said he, like other tenants, plans to move.

"People are moving; I've seen moving vans," he said. "People are yelling at the management. I mean, it's people are hacked off, and it feels like no one cares. All we get is 'sorry' or as the note says, 'act accordingly.'"

The Indigo management would not comment on the cause of the problem or on repairs.

Hairgrove said management have offered to lower utility fees until the problem is fixed.

NBC 5's Randy McIlwain contributed to this report.

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