Nurse Marries Groom Via FaceTime in Hospital Break Room

The couple plans to celebrate with family and friends in September

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As the countdown to Adela Silva and Erick De Santiago’s big day got closer, they realized the May 2 wedding they’d spent a year planning was no longer possible.

That didn’t mean, however, marriage had to wait.

“We were thinking, ‘Why not? Right? I love you. You love me. We want to make this official.’ Of course, we want to spend it with friends and family, but at the end of the day we just wanted to come together. And for me, marry my best friend,” De Santiago said.

As Silva’s coworkers at Children’s Health in Dallas learned of the delay, one offered her ordination services while others got to work creating a little wedding day magic.

“They planned it in like 30 minutes," Silva said. "They used one of our PPE gowns, and we made bouquets out of the gloves."

The bride’s ensemble was topped with a pillowcase veil before Silva, accompanied by the traditional "Bridal Chorus," made her way through the break room to join her groom via FaceTime.

There, the couple exchanged rings and vows, quickly gaining a greater appreciation of the “for better or worse” newlyweds promise each other.

“More than anything, we’re here and we’re going to make it work, right? So through thick and thin is basically what we told each other,” De Santiago said.

The newlyweds said they still planned to celebrate with a Catholic ceremony and reception with friends and family in September.

Though wedding part one was unexpected, Silva said it was more than they could’ve hoped for.

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