Wife: Nurse Had Affair With Accused “Self-Loving” Doc

Lawsuit claims nurse caught pediatrician "red-handed"

The wife of a Fort Worth pediatrician accused in a lawsuit of openly masturbating in his office says the nurse making the accusation had an affair with the doctor.

Lawyers for Marilyn Stacy filed a petition Monday with the Tarrant County court stating that Dr. Lundy Eldridge Cavender would
"masturbate in the open of his pediatric office" in the presence of Stacy and other employees.

Stacy claimed that Lundy would make "obscene noises" and even touch her during the act.

She said she was making copies July 22 when Lundy reached out to touch her on the shoulder during one of his self-indulgent sessions. She said she screamed when she caught him "red-handed."

Stacy said she has worked for the doctor for a number of years and has been unable to return to work since the incidents, which she said recently started happening.

But Teresa Cavender, the pediatrician's wife, contacted NBCDFW.com late Wednesday afternoon and said Stacy was facing termination when she quit July 22.

She said she just recently learned Stacy and her husband were involved in an affair for approximately eight years.

"I have been deeply hurt and troubled by the affair, but Ms. Stacy was complicit in any sexual encounter between them and should be ashamed of herself for the crude allegations in the lawsuit," Teresa Cavender said in an e-mail. "If there is a victim in this whole nightmare, it is not Ms. Stacy."

According to the petition filed with the Tarrant County court on Monday, Lundy Cavender has been censured for previous offensive conduct by state medical boards.

Stacy is seeking compensatory damages for mental anguish, loss of earnings and embarrassment.

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