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Numerous Arrested After Protest in Arlington

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Arlington police made at least 7 arrests Monday night, including five people from a group of protesters who broke into a Walmart store and tried to steal electronics.

Investigators said there were at least 12 people involved in the incident. Seven got away.

Lt. Chris Cook with the Arlington Police Department said the protest started Monday evening at Arlington City Hall, and was largely peaceful.

"It's unfortunate that you have a few people that will try to hijack their message," Lt. Cook said.

Some members of the protest group surrounded an Arlington police officer, who was inside their squad car at the time. Cook said the group then started spray painting the officer's car and throwing rocks at the car windows, forcing the officer to leave the area for safety.

In addition to the damage of the police squad car, some of the protesters desecrated more than a dozen American flags that were on display at the Arlington police station.

The group then started marching towards the Walmart, across from AT&T Stadium. The store was closed at the time, but multiple people broke in through a set of sliding glass doors.

"Really, truly we are all about law and order. You are not going to be allowed to come out here, loot our businesses, damage property, and then try to get away with it," Lt. Cook said.

As of 12 a.m. Tuesday, a large group of people continued to defy police orders outside of that Walmart store. Cook told us that anyone who did not listen to police commands would be arrested.

In addition to the situation at the police station and Walmart, there was a large Arlington police presence in south Arlington late Monday that turned away an apparent attempt to break into the Parks Mall.

After being turned away from the mall, some of the "agitators," as Lt. Cook called them, made attempts to break into multiple jewelry stores, including a Jared Galleria of Jewelry, and a pawn store.

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