North Texas Woman Creates ‘Nude' Shoes for Every Skin Tone

Jeneba Barrie is passionate about empowering women.

Jeneba Barrie is passionate about empowering women.

The wife, and mother of two, is an attorney by trade but recently added the role of entrepreneur. Barrie recently launched a line of nude (skin-tone) shoes “Jenaba Barrie: Nude Footwear.”

The inspiration to launch her own shoe line was sparked 11-years ago. “I was going to an event with my family and I wanted to wear nude shoes, but could not find any that matched my skin tone,” said Barrie. In years past, “nude” translated into various shades of beige and peach, which only covers a portion of consumers. Barrie wants to make sure all women can step into any event, workspace, or night out on the town, feeling confident and beautiful. “Women should feel valued. When they walk into a store you want to know that the company had you in mind when a product was made, not just some women but all women,” said Barrie.

The hardest obstacle she had to get over was the manufacturing process. “I told them I want to do a nude shoe line with different shades, but they sent me the same two or three beige hues of nude. And I said ‘no no no I want to do a skin tone shoe line.,’ and then they started to understand what I meant.”

Currently she has 13 shades of nude shoes in both Italian leather and suede. Colors ranch from cocoa truffle (which is the deepest shade and part of the “Melanin Supreme Collection) to shades such as cognac, saffron leaf, and golden leaf (which are part of the “Tan Collection”), and other like silk, champagne, and cashmere (which are part of the “Glow Up Collection”).

Her Kickstarted Campaign is live now. Search: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jenebabarriefootwear/jeneba-barrie-nude-footwear-that-is-true-to-hue

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