North Texas Population Boom Transforming Plano

The population boom in North Texas is transforming Collin County.

U.S. Census data shows the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the second fastest growing, major metro in the country.

The DFW Metroplex currently contains about 10 percent of the apartment units under construction nationwide.

In the city of Plano, there are nearly a dozen major, multi-family home developments, that are under construction.

"It really started with the corporations that came to Plano and that is driving the need for more housing," said Christina Day, Planning Director at the City of Plano. "We're anticipating between 18,000 and 20,000 jobs over the next several years."

Day said Plano's 10 year housing projection is 8,000 multi-family units and 8,000 single-family units.

"Even with an additional 16,000 housing units, we may not meet the demand for jobs," said Day.

According to Plano's Annual Planning Department Report for 2016, Plano experienced rapid growth from the 1970s through 2000. However, population growth has slowed over the last 16 years.

Plano has 94 percent of its land developed, Day said.

New development may occur in under utilized retail centers, which could produce additional residential uses in the city, the annual report said.

Plano's growth trend is projected to hit a population of 300,000 by 2040.

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