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NTX Mom Shares Heart-Stopping Video to Warn of Child Drowning Dangers

A North Texas mom is sharing the heart-stopping video she wants every parent to see. It shows the moment her little boy came close to drowning. Now she's warning all families, this could happen to anyone.

For the Dacey kids, summer means one thing, spending as much time as possible in their grandparents' pool. Their mom Tierney Dacey is never far away and neither is the memory of what happened there two years ago.

"My dad was wanting to show us a tree that he just planted," Dacey said, pointing out a spot in the yard. "We were standing here and the kids were playing right over here. Out of my side vision, one of them obviously disappeared."

It was two-year-old Beau. Home surveillance video shows him bolting to the pool, never pausing before he jumps in.

"All of a sudden I just hear a splash," Dacey said. "I was running as fast as I could and my heart was beating out of my chest and as soon as I hit the water, I could see him and he wasn't that far but I remember the only couple of strokes that I had to do just felt like an eternity."

Beau was safe, not even a cough, but whenever Dacey hears of a child drowning, it all comes rushing back.

"It just devastates me to think about that and if that had happened to Beau," she said.

Her family has always taken pool safety seriously.

"As soon as we walk in, this dog door goes down,” Dacey said, demonstrating safety checks on the back door. “All of these are locked and then this is our third lock that we use always."

There’s an alarm as a fail-safe too.

So knowing that all that didn't prevent their worst fear, Dacey said, "I was just ready to spread awareness of how quickly your child can get away from you without you even noticing."

Hoping her family's scare could be anothers savior.

You can read more about how to prevent drowning tragedies this summer by clicking here.

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