NTX Lakes Near Full; Drought Easing

A rainy spring has made a major dent in the on-going North Texas Drought.

According to the latest data published by the U.S. Drought Monitor on Thursday the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex still ranges from abnormally dry to severe drought, but conditions have drastically improved in the last 2 months when the majority of the area was in the severe to extreme range.

North Texas farm experts in Denton County said it will take consistent rain at the right times to pull us out of the drought completely, and the past 2 months seem to be a good start.

Forecasters tell the Associated Press that the area experienced 200% more rain than usual for March and April of this year. The National Weather Service estimates the first 4 months of 2015 have been the 5th wettest since 1895 and the wettest since 1997, and they expect the El Nino weather trend to continue through the winter.

The biggest effect so far seems to be on area lakes.

The Texas Water Development Board reports nearly all North Texas Lakes now at 90-100% capacity with some like Lewisville Lake now above conservation pool capacities and the Army Corps of Engineers actually having to release some water.

Lake Ray Roberts in Denton County sits only about 4-5 inches away from full capacity; the first time in years.

Cory Williams, a manager at the Lake Ray Roberts Marina said it’s been a confidence builder for boaters and has increased his business big time for the early season.

“When the level's up here, it's just so much more stress free,” said Williams. “You're not having to worry about what you might hit, any sort of rocks, damage. Business has been great."

In just the past three months Williams and his crew have watched Ray Roberts raise by close to 8 feet. He’s hopeful it continues the upward trend.

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