NTTA Gets Tough on Scofflaw Toll Dodgers

Electronic toll booths to speed service, toll collection

The North Texas Tollway Authority is cracking down on tollbooth violators and wants scofflaws to be aware of the stiff penalties for not ponying up the cash.

To enchance the toll collection procedures on the roadway, the NTTA is transitioning to all-electronic toll collection.  That move will allow customers who do not have a TollTag to be invoiced as ZipCash customers.  ZipCash customers who ignore invoices sent by the NTTA will now face stiff penalties.

“We owe it to the region, our bond holders and, most importantly, the customers who pay their tolls on time, every time to do our best to collect all tolls that we are owed,” said Allen Clemson, NTTA Executive Director. “These scofflaws will not like paying a steep fine, but we believe they will think twice before they refuse to pay again.”

The NTTA recommends drivers who use the toll roads to invest in a TollTag to save money and time.

"Getting a TollTag is the best option for North Texans.  They’ll save money, up to 45 percent, and they don’t have to worry about paying invoices or late fees," Clemson said.  "It is much more efficient for the NTTA to collect from customers who use transponders such as the TollTag – we pass our savings on to those customers."

The NTTA has also redesigned invoices to outline the amount owed, the due date and the consequences for payments not received from ZipCash customers.

The entire NTTA system is expected to be all-electronic by 2011.

Customers may sign up for a TollTag and make payment online at the NTTA website. For more information about TollTags, ZipCash and the conversion to all-ETC, visit

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