NTFB Offers Educational Cooking Classes

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Some North Texas parents are hitting the books… cookbooks that is.

They are part of a program by the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) teaching families how to eat healthy on a budget.

While kids are in school, some of their parents were in class as well.

"Make sure that you're choosing different meats that are low in fat," said Jenee Arnold, the Nutrition Education Coordinator for the NTFB.

The class is called 'Kids say yes to fruits and veggies.'

The lesson on Wednesday…Ground turkey tacos.

"It's very inexpensive and very quick to make as well. We snuck in canned tomatoes and carrots and the kids won't even taste it. So they won't know, but they are getting those vegetables in there, said Arnold."

The North Texas Food Bank developed the curriculum to teach parents how to create healthier meals.

"So we want to make sure that our families are eating out less and cooking more at home so more of your fresh fruits and vegetables and getting your lean proteins and things like that in your diet," said Arnold.

And less of what they don't need.

"When we go out to eat, to our fast foods, were getting a lot of fat and sodium in our diets that we really don't need," said Arnold.

The classes include nutrition information they might not know if they didn't read the labels.

"There's a big difference from buying your no salt added compared to like your regular can if you buy your no salt added can it's about 10mg of sodium compared to a regular can that's about 300 to 400mg so it's a big difference," said Arnold.

The goal is to take what they learn in the class and teach it at home.

"Make sure that you're getting your kids involved in the kitchen at a young age get them eating their vegetables their fruits expose them to different foods as well and being a healthy role model for your kids," said Arnold.

Spicing up homework, for the whole family.

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