Now Everyone Knows You're a Mavs Fan

If you've always wanted to let the world know you are a Dallas Mavericks fan, now you can with the help of your four wheels.

That's right today (Monday) you can now "cheer from your bumper" with a brand new Dallas Mavericks Texas license plate.

According to My Plates, the Mavs held-off on the plates so one very important addition could be made, the text, 2011 NBA Champs.

The plate was actually designed in the spring before the playoffs and then was released for some public comment. 

You spoke and the Mavs listened because many of those polled wanted the plate to say something about the championship.

You can buy the plate starting Monday and it will take about three weeks for processing. Now all the next plate needs to say is repeat, that is if we have an NBA season this year.

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