Northwest Wrestler Inspires Others Through Viral Video

A Justin teenager is finding some unexpected stardom thanks to a video that's gone viral. Hunter Wallace is a wrestler at Northwest High School who didn't win a single match this year. But he's winning over just about everyone who sees his other accomplishments.

The strongest leaders do so by example. It's a trait Wallace was born with. One reason why Wallace was named team captain this year.

"Hunter's one of those kids that leads by example," said Jessica Fresh, head wrestling coach at Northwest High School. "He's always positive. I've never heard the kid complain."

Something else Hunter was born with, cerebral palsy. Born prematurely at just two pounds, CP affects the muscles in his legs. At his father's urging, Hunter took up wrestling in eighth grade.

"I didn't know what to expect," admits his coach. "I didn't know what limitations he had, what we might have to do to help him."

Very little, it turns out. Hunter works out regularly with his teammates, taking part in the same weight and strength drills they do. Last month, when he told his coaches he wanted to try something new, squats, they approved.

"I've tried so many new things, gone through so much," he said. "I was just ready for it. Let's go!"

With the assistance of strength coach Doug Castleberry, the kid with an upper body built like an ox, but wobbly legs, did it. A video posted to Fresh's twitter account proves it. Fresh said she wanted to inspire others on the wrestling team.

"Hunter's a senior. He's done, but he's adamant," she said. "Very hungry to improve and I wanted them to see that."

What happened next, took everyone by surprise. Hundreds of views turned to thousands. Within a week, more than 45,000 people had seen the video of Hunter's feat. He's surprised by the attention, and hopes the video inspires others.

"You got the right mentality, heart, and God in front of you, nothing will stop you," he said. "You just gotta push through it."

Sound advice, from the kid who needed a walker to get around until the seventh grade. Hard work does pay off.

"I'm just like a normal person," he said. "God made me who I am."

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