Northern California Fire Victims Who Lost Everything Get VIP Treatment from Dallas Cowboys

There aren't many Cowboys fans who get to walk on the field at AT&T Stadium, but then, there aren't many fans who have been through what Dale Morgan and his 11-year-old daughter Jaelyn have been through these past few weeks.

"If the house was gonna burn down, we wanted to make it as normal as possible," said Morgan, who lost his Paradise, California home in the Camp Fire. ""That's kind of what these tickets are."

Morgan had been planning the trip for two years to see the Cowboys play the Washington Redskins on Thanksgiving Day. Then, fire wiped out nearly everything in Paradise.

"I called my dad and I was like, what do you want? He said, nothing, just get out of the house," Jaelyn said recalling the rush to escape the flames. "Then he said, oh, the tickets are on my desk!"

Jaelyn grabbed the tickets to see the Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium.

On Wednesday, the Morgans got more than they expected when the Cowboys invited them to tour the stadium and meet Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president Charlotte Jones Anderson.

"We're just glad that they can come here and find happiness, find that smile," said Jones Anderson. "And hopefully take some of that back with them."

"It just reminds you that you don't own anything. You just husband it for a while, and run with the ball as best you can," said Jones, who seemed touched by the California fans' dedication to the team. "The people that own this are the fans."

The Morgans got sideline passes, Cowboys swag, and Jaelyn will be on the field with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Megan Trainor during half-time.

For a few days, they can forget what was lost in California and concentrate on what they have in their favorite team... support. "It's overwhelming," Morgan said.

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