North Texas GM Workers Stay Busy Despite Economy

General Motors stocks tumbled to a 50-year low Thursday, but despite the grim outlook, the Arlington plant is doing better than other production lines, a representative said.

Workers at the Arlington plant make several different types of sport utility vehicles, from Yukons and Denalis, to the more upscale Cadillac Escalade.

"We just have a lot of product, and the product mix that we have, it's good for GM," said Wendi Sabo of General Motors.

The Arlington assembly line also rolls out hybrid SUVs.

"We're the only plant that builds the two mode hybrids for the Tahoe, Yukon and the Escalade, and that has really picked up some momentum," Sabo said.

Sabo said the momentum has caused a slight increase in sales.

"With everything going on, it's business as usual, and actually we just announced we're going to do some overtime in November and December," she said.

Sabo said the plant was planning a one-week slowdown in December but has decided to let employees work.

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