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Fort Worth Couple Receives Full Reimbursement for Tow-Damaged Car

Faye and Gregory Caldwell said they picked up their car from Metro Parking Solutions in Fort Worth.

They said front bumper was damaged and they were furious.

The couple said an employee assured them they'd pay to get it fixed, but later came back and said they'd only reattach the rubber mask on the bumper.

The Caldwells weren't too sure about this, so they went to three different auto body shops to get another opinion.

They were told the damage would cost them anywhere from $1,400 to $1,800, and reattaching the rubber mask wouldn't be enough.

The couple said they went back to the towing company, but at that point, all of their calls were being ignored.

So the couple called NBC 5 Responds for help.

Metro parking solutions told NBC 5 Responds, "We did not see any evidence that the tow operator damaged this vehicle. However, because Mr. Caldwell seemed so convinced that the damage did occur we offered to remedy the situation by paying to have the plastic under the front of the car clipped back up to the undercarriage....We offered to have a local shop we do business with secure the plastic pieces I spoke of. They declined, insisting there was other damage."

We sent the company the estimates again so they could take another look.  Not long after, they agreed to write Faye and Gregory a check to cover the damage.

The Fort Worth couple is glad their problem is finally solved.

If you have an issue with a towing company, here are Samantha Chatman's Solutions:

  • You can file a complaint with the texas department of licensing and regulation
  • You can also file a claim on the tow company's insurance if you have damage
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