Womens History Month

North Texas Women's Conference Will Highlight Mind, Body, and Money

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The Chris Howell Foundation is hosting a women’s conference focused on mind, body and money.

“We know that you know, the rate of single women, single household is extremely high,” host Dominique Bryant-Howell said. “We want to talk about that just from a mental health perspective and how we can help women to deal with those challenges that they are facing today. We aren’t just talking about those women but all women.

Organizers say it is designed for the overall wellness of women of all ages in the community while celebrating Women’s History Month.

“I think it's even more important for women to kind of get in tune with what's going on with them because oftentimes women are those people who they worry about themselves last, and they're not worried about themselves first,” Bryant-Howell said.

There will be panel discussions, exercises and a mix and mingle section of the event to ensure women can get good ideas from other women attending the conference. Tickets are still available for the event happening Saturday, March 11 from 9am-5pm at the Holiday Inn Fort Worth S - Conference Center located at 100 E Altamesa Blvd. in Fort Worth.

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