NBC 5 Responds Helps North TX Woman Get New Fridge

Lianne Duong had a difficult time finding a house in the Dallas area. So, she visited Wylie and fell in love with what is now her second home.

But her first year in the house was a challenge, from a pipe leak to damaged floors to dinged furniture.

When Duong opened her cabinets below the sink, she heard water running behind the wall.

"I saw water coming from underneath the hardwood to the tile near my laundry room," she said.

She brought a plumber in to investigate and learned she had a major pipe leak on her hands.

The leaking water damaged about 90 percent of her home's flooring.

Duong said she called the home builder, Calatlantic Homes, and Calatlantic contracted a flooring company.

"They had to move everything from the kitchen, the living room to the office, which is near the front door," she explained.

But the move didn't go as smoothly as she'd hoped. She noticed her living room table was damaged.

"There was an area where you could see raw wood," Duong said.

She called Calatlantic, hoping they'd take care of it.

The builder eventually sent someone out to fix the table. But she later noticed another problem.

She said she came home and a worker told her he bumped into her fridge and created a ding, but he asked her not to call his supervisor, and that he'd take care of it himself.

"I was confused on what to do," she said. "Either let him take care of himself and not get in trouble by the company or tell the company and have them resolve it."

The fridge cost more than $1,000, so she chose the latter.

Duong said she reached out to Calatlantic and was told they would order three new panels for her fridge.

Duong received the bottom fridge panel but the left and right panels of the fridge never arrived.

"It is frustrating and it's exhausting," Duong said.

She said she was told the parts got sent to South Carolina on accident, but she'd get a brand new refrigerator to make up for her troubles.

But after waiting several more weeks for her new fridge, she got fed up and called NBC 5 Responds.

We reached out to Lennar Corporation, which recently acquired Calatlantic.

We didn't get a response, but this Wylie homeowner did.

"He called me and this was resolved within, I would say, less than a week," she said.

The North Texas woman now has a new fridge that's completely ding free.

She said finally able to enjoy her Wylie home in peace.

When home repairs don't go as planned, here are Samantha Chatman's Solutions

-Always take pictures

-Jot down a timeline

-Keep a paper trail

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