Woman Forced to Evacuate Lake Charles Home After Hurricane Laura Now Braces for Hurricane Delta

A North Texas woman, who now lives in Lake Charles, is bracing for Hurricane Delta

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Jai Brown was in Lake Charles just Wednesday, trying to clean up, from Hurricane Laura, when she was forced to evacuate to Dallas. 

Pictures paint a scene of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Laura. 

Brown visited her home in Lake Charles for the first time since the first hurricane a month and a half ago. 

“There was a tree that went into our ceiling, and basically it caused a hole, like a sunroof, in the living area of our family home,” said hurricane evacuee, Jai Brown. 

She was planning to board up to prepare for Hurricane Delta that is set to hit the same area. 

That’s when she got a mandatory order to evacuate. 

“My reaction is, 'get out if you can.' There are a lot of people that stayed and kind of underestimated the storm, because basically, what more can you do to wipe out a city? And they’ve been working for a whole month to get things back and this happens yet again,” says Brown. 

A spokesperson for the City of Dallas told NBC 5 the city is housing 1,822 evacuees from Hurricane Laura at hotels serving as shelters. 

Brown is currently staying at the Hyatt. 

First a pandemic, and then two hurricanes has been more than she can take. 

“There are things happening back to back to back, and it’s very overwhelming. I don’t think anyone could prepare for this,” says Brown. 

Brown is grateful to have a place to stay. 

She now plans to call North Texas home, permanently.  

Hurricane Delta should make landfall sometime Friday. 

A spokesperson says “The city of Dallas is monitoring the storm for the potential of additional evacuees that may be headed to the DFW area.” 

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