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North Texas Water Outages Persist Weeks After Winter Storm

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Weeks after the February storm that caused widespread power outages and water pipe to break across North Texas, some families remain without water.

“Really the storm isn’t really over, it’s still going on. I know it’s like 80-degrees right now but it’s still there,” said SriKrishna Ayyalasomayajula.

Ayyalasomayajula lives in the Bel Air Willow Bend Apartments in Plano, where some residents say they have gotten water back while others remain without. NBCDFW has reached out to the management office but so far has not heard back.

“It’s been two weeks now and then three, repairs are going to go on well into next week,” said Ayyalasomayajula.

The family said they have been moved into a different unit after a water break caused their apartment to partially flood. But while many others have long forgotten about the snow and all the problems it caused, Ayyalasomayajula said it remains ever-present in their lives.

“It’s been tough on us. That’s what I can say to sum it up in one sentence, it’s been tough,” he said.

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