North Texas Veterans Create Lawn Mowing Robot Service

Two North Texas veterans are bringing a unique technology to the Dallas-Fort Worth area that's making it easier than ever to impress your neighbors with your front yard.

Justin Crandall and Bart Lomont are the co-founders of what they call the "Robin Autopilot." 

"Robin" is a robot that mows your yard completely electronically and hands-free. 

The technology has been used in Europe for years, but Crandall and Lomont got the idea last summer to import the robots and bring it to people here in the Metroplex.

"We got our start here in Dallas. We were on Shark Tank, and episodes like that with some national attention, so that spurred us to grow the business through a franchise model. We'll be opening up 4-5 new markets here by the end of the month, and 10 this year across the country," said Lomont. 

Crandall and Lomont are also working to give back to their veteran community.

The pair have hosted entrepreneurship workshops to help other veterans like them who may have an innovative idea get their start. 

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