North Texas

North Texas Veteran Gets New Home for the Holidays

John Arroyo and his wife Angel still look around their new 3-bedroom Burleson home with wonder.

"There was a little bit of divine intervention, and here we are today," Arroyo said.

Today they have a new home, mortgage-free, though Operation FINALLY HOME. The organization builds and renovates homes for injured and fallen military families. Arroyo never thought he'd be eligible.

"Becasue I was shot at Fort Hood April 2 of 2014," Arroyo said. "Not in Iraq or Afghanistan."

Nineteen people were shot at Fort Hood that day. Three people died before the gunman, a fellow soldier, turned the gun on himself. Arroyo, a Green Beret and newly commissioned officer, heard gunshots as he arrived at headquarters.

"And the next shot I heard ripped through my throat," Arroyo said. "My worst day was April 22 of 2014, and your worst day was yesterday, but all you have to do is get up."

Arroyo said there were people who helped him do just that.

"But there's a point where the military, their limits end, and that's when the American people stepped in," Arroyo said. "This home wasn't given to us by the military. This home was given to us by the American people."

Given through donatons to Operation FINALLY HOME, with the help of Lennar Corporation home builders, and the City of Burleson.

"We didn't receive a home. We received a miracle," Arroyo said. "I just can't believe it. Such a beautiful home," Angel Arroyo said. "There are still good people out there."

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