North Texas UPS Customers Still Waiting for Deliveries

Many North Texas families are still waiting for long-delayed deliveries from UPS, including Christmas presents that have been sitting in trailers at distribution centers for days.

"From the 17th, when it was supposed to be delivered and it's still stuck on a truck in there somewhere," said Jessica Cammack of White Settlement about the present she's been waiting on for her 3-year-old son.

Cammack and many others came directly to the Customer Center at the Fort Worth UPS hub located in the 1300 block of E. Northside Drive to pick up their packages.

And like many, Cammack left empty handed.

"I want my package. I want it today, and I've done everything that I can so far and they've given me nothing," Cammack said.

According to UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, people waiting for deliveries should not expect to show up and bypass the process.

"People should not be just showing up to any of the UPS Customer Centers. UPS counters are open [Christmas Eve] for those customers who had already scheduled a 'will call,'" said Susan Rosenberg, a UPS spokesperson. "That happens if a delivery attempt had been made late last week, through the weekend or yesterday and they have a delivery notice and called to arrange the will call."

Even when customers do make arrangements ahead of time, some told NBC 5 they still left in frustration.

"They made me drive down here for no reason," said Roe O'Donnell of Arlington.

O'Donnell said she called ahead to arrange for pickup of a Christmas present that had been sitting at the Fort Worth UPS hub since Friday.

"They even told my husband that it was here. They're telling me that it's not here, that it won't be here until Wednesday night. Well, it won't be processed, when it said that it was scanned and ready for... I just, I don't know. I'm just frustrated right now," O'Donnell said with tears in her eyes.

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