North Texas Twins Make Dramatic Debut During Snow Storm

A mom in Frisco went into labor in the middle of Wednesday's snowstorm and recorded their journey to the hospital

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Newborn twins Jamison and Aspen were scheduled to arrive in mid-March.

Instead, they made their dramatic debut a month early, right in the middle of a snowstorm.

“For as much bad news as there is, we just want to share a little good news, actually a little great news!” dad Shawn Fehily said.

The Fehily’s recorded video of the rush to the hospital after wife Katherine said her water broke early Wednesday morning.

“You couldn't see any lanes, it was sort of surreal being on the highway and seeing nobody on the highway with you and no idea what lane you're in,” Katherine Fehily said.

“It was like go fast, slow down, precious cargo but we want to get there, so it was very intense,” Shawn Fehily said.

They made it from Frisco to Medical City Plano, where the twins were born about four hours later.

The surprises didn't end there -- they came home to flooding from busted water pipes and a broken water heater.

“It all worked out for the best,” Shawn Fehily said.

The snowstorm will go down in history, but the Fehilys will remember it for a different reason.

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