North Texas Tollway Is Icy, Drivers Encouraged to Use Caution


These are the current conditions of the North Texas Tollway Authority regarding the inclement weather.

The NTTA roadways are open and passable, but drivers must be aware of the driving conditions with the winter weather. Freezing drizzle may result in icy patches that are difficult for drivers to detect.

NTTA asks drivers to keep a good distance from sand/de-icing trucks and plows to ensure the safety of both operators and motorists using NTTA roadways.

Full NTTA crews are monitoring the roads. They are using snowplows to remove snow and slush. Friday night, crews applied MD-20 (magnesium chloride) to help with ice.

NTTA has 104 people per shift either in trucks or operating equipment such as front-end loaders or skid steers for loading trucks with material. There are 95 plow or sanding trucks monitoring, treating and clearing roadways. 

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