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North Texas Students Revamp Boring Kid's Menus

A group of North Texas students are rethinking boring kids menus.

Tired of the same old chicken tenders and mac and cheese, students from across the region are partnering with local restaurants to create healthier and tastier kids menus.

Jeremy Tezano, Amber McDade and Paloma Quiroga are culinary students at Wilmer-Hutchins High School in Dallas. Together, they worked with the restaurant HG Sply Co. to design healthy and creative kids dishes.

"We had a chance to actually create something that we know kids would like and they would like it's taste and it's cool to eat," said Tezano.

The restaurant gave the students a list of food available in their kitchen and challenged the students to whip up creative and tasty dishes. One of their hit dishes with young diners is a twist on zucchini pasta.

"It's a blessing to have people eating food that we came up with," said McDade.
All three students hope to continue culinary classes after high school and hope to one day pursue it as a career, but already at age 17 it's a dream to see their creations on a menu.

"We did it," said Quiroga. "We actually created dishes for a restaurant. That's incredible."

More than 100 students from twelve North Texas school districts are participating in the program and helping top local restaurants rethink their kids menus.

For a list of where you can find these revamped kids menus, check out the website.

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