North Texas Students Find Inspiration in ‘Hamilton’ Musical

The hit musical "Hamilton" will wrap up its run with Dallas Summer Musicals this weekend, but its cast and crew could not say goodbye to North Texas without lending a little inspiration to the next generation.

As a part of the Hamilton Education Program, titled Edu-Ham, 3,200 students and teachers from schools across North Texas had an opportunity to watch a performance of the musical for free.

“I’ve heard that the play is very expensive and people are extremely excited to see it. I feel special to even be able to see it,” said Thomas Jefferson High School junior Carliyah Richardson.

Using the hype behind the musical's Dallas run, teachers across North Texas used the show and its historical accuracy to teach American History and inspire a love of history.

“I was very lucky to see it on Broadway with the original cast and was inspired to bring it to my classroom,” teacher Kathleen Cadigan said.

Getting a chance to see the musical in person will not only help them understand history, but also help them dream even bigger.

“This particular show is so diverse and it is inclusive,” Cadigan said. “It’s so perfect for our students to be able to see that.”

“It shows that we can actually do something. It motivates me to try and change the world and become somebody in life,” junior Juan Olivera said.

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