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North Texas Soccer Fans Celebrate US Women's World Cup Victory

Soccer fans lined up early to get a seat at the Women's World Cup final watch party in Frisco.

People of all ages came to the National Soccer Hall of Fame to show their support for the team.

"They are die-hard, they were here before the doors even opened. I arrived this morning and the line was out the door for the fans who want to get a good seat right up front so that they can watch today's match," said Gina Miller, vice president of media and communications for FC Dallas.

Even a few Netherlands fans were spotted in their bright orange.

"It's a small country. I think over here there's not very many Dutch people, so we felt we needed to support them," Netherlands fan John Paul Kosters said.

The first half of the game was tense, with no score and some nail-biting moments for fans.

"I am a very nervous wreck, yes," U.S. fan Michelle Gaytan said.

But a penalty kick in the second half was the first of two goals to put the U.S. women on top.

"It was amazing, so exciting. I never really grew up watching soccer, but seeing how good the women are doing and representing other women it was very exciting," U.S. fan Keisha Dunstan said.

Exciting for all fans, especially families with little girls who could envision themselves playing in the World Cup one day.

"I think it's really important for girls to see it's not just the men's team that we support and that our women's team has done so well and that they can be a role model for them, as well," U.S. fan Lauren Olvera said.

And these fans cheered the team on to the final seconds in the countdown to victory.

"It's all about making memories together, pride in the nation go USA, go USA!” Matt Landphair said.

The U.S. beat the Netherlands 2-0.

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