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North Texas Schools Cracking Down on ‘Devious Lick' Social Media Trend

Brent Lewin | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The Dallas ISD is warning students and parents that vandalism and threats will not be tolerated amid a nationwide social media trend that shows students stealing and destroying school property.

The recent letter to parents addresses what's known as the "Devious Licks Challenge" or "The Bathroom Challenge," where TikTok users take items, such as wet floor signs, microscopes, clocks and more.

TikTok banned the viral trend earlier this month.

Tiffany Huitt, Dallas ISD's chief of school leadership, described the consequences faced by students who are involved.

"If a student is involved in criminal activity, the district may prosecute them, which by law, could lead to a hefty fine and/or jail time," the district said. "Charges of criminal mischief are serious offenses, where an individual knowingly damages or tampers with another person's property causing financial loss amounting to $2,500 or greater."

The Dallas ISD isn't the only district facing the problem. The Denton ISD recently told students to bring their own soap to school because of the destructive social media trend.

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