North Texas Retailers Count on Pent Up Demand for In-Person Holiday Shopping

NorthPark Center in Dallas says attendance numbers for October outpaced the same time period in 2019

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Retailers are counting on North Texas shoppers to return in large numbers for in-person shopping this holiday season.

Shopping used to be a given on the day after Thanksgiving, but like so many aspects of day-to-day life, for many of us, it did not happen last year.

On Friday, shoppers once again filled NorthPark Center in Dallas in crowds that looked reminiscent of 2019.

Khadijah Taylor of Dallas came out with her family specifically looking for an in-person experience.

“COVID messed a lot up for everybody and it’s good to just be out and amongst people,” Taylor said. “Having to online shop, I didn’t really like that honestly, so being able to come in and actually try on a pair of jeans or boots or whatever, it really does make a difference.”

As demand continues to go up, retailers expected 2 million more shoppers in stores this year as compared to 12 months ago.

NorthPark Center is considered an iconic shopping destination not only in North Texas but consistently ranks in the top five for shopping destinations in the U.S.

On Friday, the corridors were busy with shoppers and a variety of signature native living plants, but shoppers said the vibe felt more relaxed than in years past.

“It’s nice to be out, active and actually shopping,” Tamarco Taylor said.

“We really thrive off being around other people so I think it’s another reason why it’s so great we’re able to do this again,” Kadijah Taylor added.

Shopping centers across North Texas are counting on an even busier next four weeks.

Attendance for October at NorthPark Center, the latest month available, actually surpassed numbers it saw in October 2019 giving retailers optimism a pent-up demand for in-person buying will come back even stronger.

Jill Herzog and her two kids Jenna Wesson and Cade Wesson arrived when the doors opened on Friday at NorthPark Center at 10 a.m.

“It makes me feel hopeful like we’re getting through it and I feel like people are feeling more positive – for sure,” Herzog said.

“Interacting with other people, it’s just a nice change from the last couple of years,” Jenna Wesson added. “It’s a nice transition.”

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