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North Texas Restaurants Launch New Delivery Service to Get Employees Working Again

The service is a way to get food delivered to people, some of whom are sick or injured, and can't easily get to the grocery store.

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A North Texas restaurant, closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, has teamed up with other restaurants to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to people's doorsteps.

It’s called Fresh Harvest Produce Delivery.

Seven days a week, a handful of restaurants assemble boxes of fruits and vegetables at Frisco restaurant “Biscuit.”

“We’re completely shut down, and that’s why we decided to do distribution from Biscuit," said Eamon Kalafchi, whose sister owns “Biscuit.”

He was inspired to help launch “Fresh Harvest Produce Delivery” after he saw how farmers across the country were forced to destroy crops, and because he realized how much that food could help in his own community.

“To throw that away, it really is a shame. It’s very hard to see that,” Kalafchi said.

Right now, the service delivers in the Frisco, McKinney and Plano areas.

But there have been requests for deliveries in other cities and there plans to expand.

For $40, including delivery, the food gets dropped off the same day or the next day.

“Having more restaurants purchasing at the same time drives down our cost and makes it more affordable to be able to incorporate delivery to people’s doorsteps at that price,” Kalafchi said.

The benefit is twofold -- people get food delivered to their doorstep and restaurant employees are able to work again.

“We want to do whatever we can to make sure we keep food on everyone’s table, and people are happy to be able to come back to work, even if it’s a different kind of work,” Kalafchi said.

He said they average around 100 orders a day and deliver smiles along the way.

“So many people are reaching out, or leaving notes in the checkout, saying thank you for providing this service,” Kalafchi said.

Because of the interest, the restaurants involved are considering continuing the service after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

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