US House Democrats from North Texas Support Pelosi

U.S. Reps. Eddie Bernice Johnson and Marc Veasey, as well as Representative-elect Colin Allred voted to nominate for Rep. Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the house

The U.S. House Democratic Caucus voted Wednesday to back Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) for house speaker. She previously held the position from 2007 until 2011.

Pelosi had the support of both North Texas Democrats in the House, while Representative-elect Colin Allred (D-Dallas) announced he was on board as well.

Allred will represent Texas' 32nd district, which encompasses parts of Dallas and Collin counties. He said on Lone Star Politics in October he would wait to see who was running before supporting a house speaker, and added he wanted to have some commitments as well.

Allred released a statement about his decision to support Pelosi:

"Our work on behalf of North Texans is just beginning, and in this next Congress, there is so much at stake for the American people, and it is important that Democrats unite in our effort to make the lives of everyday Americans a little better.

"After speaking with Leader Pelosi, I was pleased she agreed that a new generation needs a seat at the table in order to elevate fresh ideas within the caucus, and that under her leadership, Democrats will focus on what unites us as a country.

"This includes rebuilding our infrastructure, protecting Medicare and Social Security for this generation and the next, lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs and reducing the toxic influence of special interests that drown out the voices of the American people in our democracy.

"I will always put North Texas first, and I urge Leader Pelosi to remain committed to these priorities that will help our region. If we work together, we can do great things together for the American people."

U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Dallas) sent a letter Nov. 16 urging her colleagues to join her in supporting Pelosi. In Washington, NBC asked Johnson about Democrats who had opposed Pelosi nomination. A group was calling for change.

"I think they have a right to do whatever they will. However, I don't see them coming up with a candidate that anybody could attach themselves to," Johnson said. "If they have issues otherwise then I think that they can be addressed."

Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Fort Worth) announced his support for Pelosi last week, and spoke to NBC in Washington Wednesday.

"Nancy is the one that delivered us the number of the votes that we needed to be back in the majority, and I think because of that she needs to be our leader," Veasey said. "And in addition to that, I mean, she has the skillset, she has the wherewithal and the smarts to really navigate us,"

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