North Texas Police Hope to Catch ‘Evening Burglar’

Police departments in three North Texas cities are working together to capture the suspect behind a series of recent burglaries.

Just this past Friday there were two break-ins in the Country Brook neighborhood of North Dallas. The heists happened minutes apart from each other and were very similar. They took place soon after the homeowners left, and after entering through a back door or window, the thief went right for the jewelry.

It’s the same manner in which more than 20 break-ins have been carried out in Plano since October. Police there dubbed the crook the “evening burglar.”

Last week, two homes in Allen were burglarized in similar fashion.

North Dallas resident Mike Zander is part of the "Volunteers in Patrol" group, or VIP.

“We are really stepping up the VIP patrols. We have more of them,” said Zander. “We have homeowners now, if they see anything suspicious, they are calling 911.”

For the last two years, VIP has kept watch of the Country Brook community in North Dallas.

Now, Zander and fellow members are on high alert after the two break-ins just doors away from his own.

“These are professional thieves and we feel very violated and we're not going to just let it happen,” he said.

On Tuesday night, Dallas Police will hold a quarterly North Central crime watch meeting at Levine Academy at 6:30 p.m. Many neighbors are expected to voice their concern about the rash of break-ins in the area.

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