North Texas Police Departments Pitch in to Help DPD, DART

Several North Texas police departments are assisting Dallas police and DART police this week so their officers can attend memorial services and funerals for their fallen colleagues.

"It's important for us all to band together," said Irving Police Officer James McLellan. "It's hard enough when we lose an officer in the line of duty anyway, but particularly in this fashion it's even more difficult. And so whatever way we can give back we try."

At least half a dozen departments sent officer support Tuesday to assist with traffic control during the presidential visit.

Arlington police led the presidential motorcade to and from Dallas Love Field, while officers from Irving and Grand Prairie blocked the streets along the way.

"They're here to help us because we are stressed," said Dallas Police Lt. Charles Epperson. "We have emotional problems like anyone else trying to get through a very traumatic situation, but they're here for our help and the help of the citizens as well."

Many departments will send police honor guards to this week's funerals, while other patrol units may answer 911 calls in Dallas to allow additional DPD officers to attend the services.

"Very appreciated, and they're always volunteering their services. We really don't have to ask, they'll come to us," Epperson said.

Beginning Wednesday, police officers from several of the 13 cities served by DART will ride the trains, allowing DART police to attend the services.

"We understand that they have some limited manpower," said Plano Police Officer David Tilley. "They, too, are hurt and they're grieving and they still have a job to do, so we want to try to help out."

"We all want to be able to try and do something," McLellan said. "Certainly when we have a police officer or multiple police officers lost in the line of duty we want to be able to pitch in somehow."

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