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North Texas Olympian Weighs Zika Threat As Health Experts Urge Olympic Delay/Relocation

Michelle Carter is a two-time Olympic shot putter going for her third Olympic games this August. She is going to Rio after weighing the Zika virus threat. 

"I've thought about it quite a bit actually," Carter said. "But the thing is, it's the Olympic games!"

Carter has been working toward Olympic gold since the last Summer Games.

"You have to weigh, am I going to give up my one shot for a chance to not get sick, or do I risk getting sick and take my one shot to be an Olympic champion," Carter explained. 

Health experts on Friday urged the World Health Organization to consider whether the Rio de Janeiro Olympics should be postponed or moved because of the Zika outbreak. 

The 150 experts — including a former White House science adviser — issued an open letter to the U.N. health agency, calling for the games to be delayed or relocated "in the name of public health."

In response, Carter explained, "You're planning your peak and your whole season around your day." she said. "And to move it back would really mess up a lot of people's training." 

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