North Texas

North Texas Nonprofit Expands Services to Include Frontline Medical Workers

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A North Texas nonprofit for veterans is expanding its mental health services to include frontline medical workers. One Tribe Foundation is formerly known as 22KILL named after the 22 veterans lost to suicide every day.

Today the organization is launching new programs, services, and facilities to address today's growing mental health issues.

They just opened a new facility in Dallas something they say is more important now than ever in the middle of a pandemic.

"The amount of death that, you know, that our, you know, frontline healthcare workers were exposed to, we said we have to do something about that in which case, you know, that's when we opened our doors, you know, to start serving our frontline workers as well," said Chief Operating Officer, One Tribe Foundation, Joaquin Ramero.

The One Tribe Foundation says it plans to expand its programs to other regions in the country beginning in Texas this year and plans to continue to grow across the southwest in 2022.

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