North Texas Men Getting ‘Brotox' Injections to Stop Sweating

With triple-digit temperatures back in the forecast, some people are going to 'unusual' lengths to stop summer sweating.

They're putting needles full of toxins straight into their armpits.

Jim Lawson is a guy who sweats a lot in the summer. It doesn't bother him when he's out on his bike--he's an avid rider--but when he's at work giving a presentation or trying to lure new clients, it's a different story.

"I get pretty nervous when I'm in a meeting with several people, and it always bothered me that I'd get all sweaty," said the Dallas insurance salesman.

So every few months, Lawson rides his bike to the Luxury on Lovers Med-Spa on Lovers Lane to get botox injections in his armpits.

"It definitely helps. I don't sweat so much," he said "This just gives me a bit more confidence, I know I'm not going to get sweaty, my shirt won't look wet."

It's a growing trend in Dallas.

The med-spa owner, Lisa Cobb, said three years ago, she only had a handful of men come in specifically for underarm botox. Now, she has about three dozen male clients in the summer.

"People expect sweat when they're working out. In fact, they want to sweat when they're working out, but they don't want to sweat in a professional environment. When they're giving a presentation or have a big meeting at work," said Cobb.

"It's hard in the summer, especially for men, because they're usually having to be in long-sleeve shirts and ties and jackets," Cobb said.

Cobb said many of her male clients don't call it botox...they call it 'bro'tox.

"Most of my male clients want to come in after they work out," she said.

Botox is a toxin, and it must be kept cool. It works by blocking the nerve transmitters that cause sweating. A treatment costs between $900 to $1000 and it is effective for up to six months.

"It's definitely taking off now. But botox in the underarm area isn't a new thing. Doctors have been using this as a tool against excessive sweating for a long time, actually," said The Dallas Morning News medical expert Dr. Seema Yasmin.

Still, she cautioned some people may have an allergic reaction to the procedure or may find the discomfort worse than the sweating.

"For some people it can cause swelling, redness, severe itching in the underarm area. And also because botox paralyzes muscles, it can weaken the muscles in the underarm area," she said.

Lawson says it's worth every penny. And after two dozen tiny needle-pricks, he's as confident closing new clients as he is riding around town.

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