North Texas Man Builds Crosses to Honor Officers

Kalyn Doyle isn't a cop, he is the owner and operator of KD Designs, an auto body shop in Rhome, and has a personal connection to police officers. 

"It kind of hit home with three brother in-laws in law enforcement," Doyle said.  "None of this should have happened.  It shouldn't have happened in Baton Rouge either."

A few days ago, Doyle built five steel crosses in memory of the five fallen police officers.  It was Doyle's way to pay tribute for the sacrifice the officers made.

"They had to be made out of steel to last a lifetime. Once you're connected, you're in it for life," Doyle said. "They all put their lives on the line."

Doyle and his girlfriend, Nicole Ritchie, placed the crosses outside Dallas police headquarters where a memorial will be permanently removed on Tuesday. 

"That could've happened to one of his brother in-laws.  Police officers stay together," Ritchie said.  "It's sad to see something like this happen."

Doyle hopes the families of the slain officers will pick up the crosses from the memorial.  He said he can build additional crosses for the city to keep and preserve.

"If the families get a hold of them, they'll hold them up for the rest of their lives," Doyle said. "I'm crossing my fingers in hopes I don't have to make anymore."

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