North Texas Lawmakers on Inauguration and New Administration

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It was a much smaller crowd than usual at this inauguration because of security and COVID-19 concerns. 

Members of Congress were each given two tickets, as opposed to the many more in years past.

Both Senator John Cornyn and Senator Ted Cruz attended. 

All three democratic members of the North Texas delegation were in attendance as well.

Representative Marc Veasey, D-Fort Worth, talked with NBC 5 about his impressions of President Biden’s speech, which focused on unity.

“I thought that he really touched on obviously a lot of issues that were important to him, but I thought more importantly, that it sent the right tone for the country,” said Rep. Veasey.

Some North Texas House members, including Representatives Burgess and Williams, were at the Capitol.

Republican Beth Van Duyne didn't attend. She stated she had to move commitments in the district last week when called back to Washington to vote for impeachment, that were rescheduled for today. She joined other freshman members who sent a letter to the new President, saying they are 'ready to work together despite ideological differences, to find areas of common ground.'

“I think it is really important that we are setting the tone. We have been critical, we are going to be consistent in our criticism of policies, but as a nation, as a representative, we need to work with people in the room that want to work for the American public and we are prepared to do that,” said Rep. Van Duyne.

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