Donald Trump

North Texas Korean War Veteran Reflects on Trump/Un Summit

Master Sgt. J.D. Randolph, of Allen, watched intently last night, as President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un shook hands at a historic summit.

“I never dreamed they would be shaking hands, and look like they are buddy buddies,” said Randolph.

Randolph fought in the Korean war, and received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. He was injured on the battle field, and returned after being treated.

“I personally lost a lot of friends over there, there in the war, and so it makes you wonder if anything will ever be completed,” he added.

And while President Trump and Kim Jong Un met, he still has doubts about what will happen next.

“You don’t trust people, all of a sudden they want to be friends,” said Randolph.

Randolph has been very active in Veterans affairs in North Texas. He is President of Korean War Veterans Association Sam Johnson Chapter 270. His medals and certificates line the walls of his den at home. He still holds out hope for the future of the Peninsula.

“When we was fighting, we were hopeful we was going to be at peace,” said Randolph, adding, “I am hopeful. Hopeful that our young people don't have to go over there with another war."

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