North Texas Korean Community Worried About Rising Tensions

Rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula are causing deep concerns among the many South Koreans who now call North Texas home.

“We always knew how dangerous North Korea is” said Jasmin Lee of Irving, “but I don’t think many people realize how more severe it would get”.

A student at UT Arlington, Jasmin Lee moved here with her family from Seoul, South Korea at the age of 3.

“I don’t think it’s to a point where we’re too worried, where we’re really like trembling worried”, said Lee, “but I think it’s just that we’re worried in a way that something possibly may happen but we just don’t know what or when.”

The only Korean radio station in Texas, AM 730 DKNET Radio in Dallas is hearing from worried listeners.

“Some listeners are actually cancelling their visiting plan to Korea right now, but also I hear from one listener, she is visiting next week” said Jeremy Kim, AM 730 Chief Producer, “she’s worrying, but not really thinking something is actually happened.”

The station’s General Manager still has family in South Korea, and has been calling to check on them.

“I really worrying about them and also Korea too” , said Minjung Kim, “so I called them I said oh we were worried but that’s going to be okay so that’s what I’m hoping and I’m praying for.”

Nearly 100,000 Koreans now call North Texas home.

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