North Texas Inventor Launches Sunkissed Creation

Tan enhancing float created in North Texas

A young entrepreneur from North Texas is teaming up with a well known hotel chain to launch her first product. It’s a float that helps you tan and while the 24-year-old creator of a float that helps you tan leaves her customers with a bronze glow, she may leave other inventors green with envy.

The float is called Luminous Envy. Clear on the top, and silver on the bottom, it's meant to enhance a person’s tan as they float.

"The reflective material built on the sides in the wings and underneath you, reflect the sunrays they redirect the sunrays so you get a more quick and even tan," said creator Cheri Garcia.

Garcia got the idea while tanning in her aunt's backyard. Useable on land or water, Garcia said the float cuts down tan time by about a third.

"On a weekly basis I have girls come over and I take their before and after pictures, mainly for marketing purposes, “ Garcia said.

Courtney Kenny was one of the women Garcia found to test the product.

"I kind of didn't believe it at first, but I used it for about 30-40 minutes and I was so much tanner," Kenny said.

Kenny was an instant fan, and so was Lauren Stark, the marketing manager at the W Hotel in Dallas.

"I heard about the idea and I was just really excited to be a part of it," Stark said.

So starting this summer, guests at the luxury Dallas hotel will get the chance to enhance their tans while they visit, and help a local girl's bright future.

Of course, any exposure to Ultraviolet rays does pose health risks like skin cancer. Despite the risks, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 81 percent of young women still enjoy having a sun-kissed tone to their skin.

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