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North Texas Immigrants React to Reports of Trump's Profane Remarks

The fallout from alleged vulgar comments President Donald Trump made about immigration from Africa and Haiti continues. While the president denies the wording of the comments, lawmakers who were inside the meeting insist he said them.

Thousands of African and Haitian immigrants call North Texas home, and many were shocked and disappointed in the comments.

Kenneth Maina moved to the United States almost 22 years ago from Kenya and has successfully opened a restaurant in Euless.

"If you tell me that we come from 's--thole' countries, when we come over here and open businesses and employ Americans," Maina said in frustration Friday.

The name of his restaurant is Legacy Africa, and even in that name choice is the pride in his homeland.

"Kenya is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa," he said.

"We're trying to get the technology that we learn from here, and take it back there," Maina added. "Whatever education we get from here we are trying to take it back, and trying to see how we can develop our country."

Maina wants more understanding from President Trump, who is the grandson of an immigrant.

"[Why isn't he] trying to help immigrants make it the way he has made it in life?" Maina said.

He believes the president's words could dash dreams.

"If he talks like that, he kills their morale," Maina said.

He has no trouble expressing why he still respects Africa.

"If you look at all we have in Africa, South Africa is one of the developed countries. If you look at Egypt, and if you look at all these countries, and all the oil, it's not a 's--thole' country. We are not from 's--thole' countries," he said.

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