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North Texas Humanitarian Groups Prepare to Offer Aid in Florida After Hurricane Dorian

Each organization provides many more services to help those in need

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian aid organization. They focus on children, but in times of disasters they prepare to help anyone in need.

"As soon as we got that there was a possibility, we began to prepare by building kits, hygiene kits, food kits," World Vision Partner Coordinator Roberta Taylor said. "Any type of products come in we earmark it for the disaster response. We are prepped and getting ready."

Taylor showed NBC 5 some of the items they will be taking to Florida.

"We have what we call mud buckets," Taylor said. "This is just a variety of cleaning supplies that will help with the cleaning process."

But they also provide air mattresses, hygiene products, and they even provide for the children.

"We always throw in some type of toy for the kids that have been displaced," Taylor said. "It's very hard on them when they've been uprooted up out of their homes."

In Mesquite, the Texas Baptist Men organization has trucks and trailers ready to roll out to Florida. They are on alert and standby mode with about 200 volunteers ready to assist with everything like cooking meals.

"The units that we have here are capable of serving 15,000 meals every four hours," TBM Associate Executive Director John-Travis Smith said. "So we are preparing to go and do that and serve as many meals as they need."

They can also help people washing clothes and even take hot showers.

"Could be anything from contaminants, to sewage, to a lot of different nasty things so it's a good way to help keep disease down and also make people feel human again," Smith said.

Each organization provides many more services. They do it all to help those in need.

"It's just a great thing that people look at their homes in shambles and there is someone there ready to help," Smith said. "It just brings a huge dose of hope to them and gives them a place to restart."

TBM has advance teams in Florida this weekend assessing the situation. The equipment and volunteers will roll out Tuesday. World Vision is also watching what happens over the weekend and will send their supplies Monday or Tuesday depending on the situation in Florida.

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