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North Texas Hooked On ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale' Video Game

North Texas teens and pre-teens have been glued to "Fortnite," an extremely popular video game that has captured the attention of the nation.

Austin Travinski, of Haslet, has played the game for six months and has played every day of Spring Break.

“'Fortnite' has two game modes. Save the World and Battle Royale,” Travinski, 11, explained. “Save the world is like a Zombie type game world…there are zombies and you have to kill them.”

The most popular mode is the Battle Royale mode where players enter into a “Hunger Games” style battle.

“It’s really, in my opinion, intense because you are going to want to be the last person standing to win,” he said.

The game’s popularity spans generations from the junior high school crowd through college fraternities and even into adult gamer circles.

Part of the appeal is the cost: free. The game is also easy to download to game systems.

With a fan base of varying ages, the younger player are encouraged to be mindful of who they are interacting with.

“When I’m playing ‘duos,’ I will talk to my friends, but if it is a random person I won’t because I’m not allowed to,” Travinski said.

The game is rated T for TEEN.

“There is a lot of strategy that goes into it. You don’t have to go in there and shoot everything you can find. That’s not the game works,” his mother, Lori Travinski, said. “There’s not the bloodshed and things like that.”

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