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North Texas Homeowners Assess Damage After Hail

Some reported golf ball-sized hail in Haslet during the round of storms Wednesday night

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Thursday it was all sun and clear blue skies, but less than 24 hours earlier strong storms produced hail and strong winds.

In Haslet, some people reported golf ball-sized hail which pelted down on homes and cars across the area.

Haslet Fire Rescue Chief Kirt Mays took this photo of golf ball-sized hail from the fire station Wednesday night warning people to watch the weather closely.

"Very loud in the house, hitting the windows and the side of the house, yeah it was pretty intense," said David Witte who lives in Ashmore Farms.

From past experience, Witte knew it wasn't going to be a good outcome for his roof.

Hail in Davie Witte's backyard in Haslet
Hail in David Witte's backyard at his home in Haslet.

"This is our second roof since we lived here," said Witte who's had hail damage before.

A neighbor who happens to also be a neighbor owns a roofing company call Martin Pitts Construction.

"My phone started going off at 10 and 11 at night," said Martin Pitts about people concerned about their homes.

In Haslet, some people reported golf ball-sized hail which pelted down on homes and cars across the area.

He inspected Witte's home Thursday morning and sure enough, found roof damage.

“It looks like bruises from the ground, but when you look it’s broken and embed the granules into the mat and exposed the mat and the UV rays hit the mat and it starts deteriorating," explained Pitts.

From the ground, there didn't appear to be any obvious damage, which is something Pitt hears often from customers, but the small black spots on the roof are little problems that could lead to bigger issues down the road.

“The hail will damage the shingles and displace the granules on the shingle and compromise the shingle," said Jason Montgomery, another homeowner and co-worker of Pitts.

They said it could lead to possible holes and leaks in the future.

As long as the damage isn't in immediate need of repairs, Pitts said people should wait on fixing the entire roof.

“I’ve been telling people to hold off and let's get through the season. One time in my career, I did a roof and finished it and it got hailed on and people had to pay their deductible again, it’s a bad place to be," said Pitts. "Ninety percent of the time the size hail we got here (last night), you’re okay, you don’t need to be in a rush.”

Severe weather season just started and typically lasts through May.

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