North Texas High School Sports Canceled Due To Cold Weather

There is a joke that many people who have lived in North Texas for years will tell.

“If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.”

Truer words were never spoken this week.

Monday’s high brought late, spring-like temperatures in the low 80’s. Friday night's high school soccer forecast produced a chilly 35 degrees at kick-off. Feels-like temperatures were in the upper 20’s for some parts of North Texas.

One of those places was Garland. Friday night’s soccer game between Sachse High School and Lakeview Centennial High School was moved up two hours for the student-athlete’s safety.

“Moving the start time up to 5:00 makes it hard for a lot of people, because they aren't quite off from work yet, but they all understanding and get it. It’s for the kids’ safety.” said Shelby Morgan, stadium administrator.

Garland ISD has a cold and hot weather policy. At certain temperatures, either way, they will change game times or cancel games altogether, to ensure the students are safe.

Tonight’s freshmen and junior varsity games at Homer Johnson Stadium in Garland were both canceled so that the varsity team could play at 5:00. The district hoping to get the kids off the field before temperatures dipped to dangerous levels.

The NBC 5 10 day forecast here.

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