North Texas Haitians Will Host Charity Soccer Match

Money will be donated to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts in Haiti

It has been a week since Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti.

Hundreds of people are dead. Those who survived now face the risk of starvation or Cholera.

In North Texas, some Haitian-Americans are trying to be a light in the darkness.

"Yes, everything is gone. You've lost friends. You've lost family, but if we keep pondering on that, we're never going to move forward as a people," said Ted Registre, founder of the Haitian Social Circle in Dallas. "In Haiti, if there's a disaster today, the next day everybody is together. We're helping out. A week later, you see the kids playing soccer and everything is back to normal."

On Sunday, the Haitian Social Circle in Dallas will host a charity soccer match. The game will feature North Texas Haitians and semi-pro team, Fort Worth Fusion.

"I was thinking to myself, 'What can I do in Texas to help Haiti?' In the Haitian culture, it's in our DNA. People love soccer," said Registre. "It was to be soccer because soccer will bring the people."

Money raised at the game will be donated to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts in Haiti.

The game is scheduled for 3pm at Marine Creek Park in Fort Worth.

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