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North Texas Group Plans Resistance March Inauguration Day

At a community center in South Oak Cliff, activists gathered Thursday night to prepare for Inauguration Day. They planned to protest Friday night at Dealey Plaza.

"I think it's a deserved fear right now," said Lee Daugherty, as he helped brainstorm ideas for protest posters. "Women's rights are human rights."

At a nearby table, Marissa Ocampo was making calls to get people to Friday's planned march.

"I'm just calling to remind them about tomorrow, because life happens and you forget," she laughed. "This is just the beginning."

They are part of a group called North Texas Resistance. The issue-oriented activist group was around before the election, but Ocampo said interest has grown since the election.

"All the action and the work that we're putting into this moment says a lot about how we feel about it," Ocampo said, looking around the room. "We have to be ready in our local communities to protect our family and our friends and ourselves."

About 10 volunteers spent Thursday night making posters for the march and calling people to get them involved.

"The divisive rhetoric that was the cornerstone of this campaign cannot be ignored," said Daugherty. "I want to be optimistic because there are, I think, some common middle grounds."

The North Texas Resistance march starts at 6 p.m. Friday at Dealey Plaza.

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