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North Texas Firefighters on Mission to Conquer One of World's Highest Mountains to Support Grieving Kids

Two North Texas firefighters are on a mission to conquer one of the world's highest and most unforgiving mountains -- all to help local kids who have their own personal mountains to climb.

In January, Arlington firefighter Alex Cramer and Fort Worth firefighter Clint Brewer will head to Argentina, where they'll attempt to summit Aconcagua -- the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere.

The purpose of their climb is to raise money and awareness for The Warm Place, which is a center in Fort Worth that provides grief services to kids and teens who've lost a loved one.

"To have a place like this where it's known -- everyone else there has had somebody in their family go through [loss] -- I think it's pretty comforting," said Cramer. "Especially for a child that may be very confused about what they're going through and not knowing if what they're experiencing and feeling is normal."

This will mark the second time the two have scaled a mountain for the nonprofit.

In 2016, they reached the top of Denali, the highest mountain in North America. This time around, they wanted to go bigger.

"We felt like we did a good thing helping The Warm Place and we wanted to try to do that again, if not do more," said Brewer. "The mission for awareness never ends. So we just wanted to keep answering the charge."

Their goal is to raise $22,841 for The Warm Place -- one dollar for each foot they'll climb.           

On Thursday, Nov. 15, Rahr Brewery in Fort Worth will host a special fundraiser to help them reach that goal. From 6 p.m. - 9 p.m., a $25 donation will get you a special "Cold Climb for the Warm Place" pint glass and four pours.

You can also make donations online.

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