North Texas Fire Departments to Help Fight California Wildfires

Departments from Frisco, Lewisville, Little Elm and Dallas will send assistance to help fight California wildfires

As record-breaking wildfires burn in California, fire departments from four North Texas cities are sending help to fight the fires.

California requested assistance from the State of Texas to aid in battling their wildfire outbreak in Carr.

In response, the North Texas Branch of the Texas Department of Emergency Management is coordinating the deployment of a Strike Team, consisting of personnel and equipment from multiple area departments, to assist with the efforts.

Fire departments from Dallas, Frisco, Lewisville and Little Elm are sending trucks, gear and firefighters to northern California.

There is no defined time for which assistance will be needed. The initial strike team is prepared to be in place for up to a 14-day deployment period. If resources are required beyond the initial response, a new team will be sent in relief, until assistance is no longer needed.

According to California Fire officials, the Carr fire began on July 23 after a tractor trailer tire blew, causing sparks from the rim to ignite the blaze.

Since then, the fire has destroyed over 1,700 structures and killed 6 people, including 2 firefighters.

As of Monday, the fire was reported to be only 43 percent contained.

In total, 97 firefighters from Texas will deploy to Northern California to fight the largest fire in California's history.

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